Language News From Around the Web – August 2018

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Language News is LinguaCore’s regular round-up of all the best articles, podcasts, and videos on the subject of learning and acquiring foreign languages, from any and all online sources outside of LinguaCore itself.

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Language News From Around the Web


Should You Major in a Language at University?

Author: Lindie Botes

Source: Lindie Botes – YouTube

Summary:  In this video, language learner and vlogger Lindie Botes discusses studying a foreign language as a university major, and considers why it might be better for your language learning to keep your language as a hobby, and major in something else.

Do You Make This Common Mistake in Your Language Habits?

Author:  Azren R.

Source: Azren the Language Nerd – YouTube

Summary: In this video, self-proclaimed ‘language nerd’ Azren talks about language learning habits, and how forming the right habits from the beginning can make a big difference in how well you will ultimately be able to use your target language. Azren also suggests ways you can avoid forming negative habits with the help of a teacher or tutor.


Can You Lose Your Native Language?

Author: Sophie Hardach

Source: BBC Future

Summary:  As a language learner, I’m sure you’ve often stressed over losing your ability to speak your target language if you don’t study hard enough. However, have you ever wondered if you could lose your first language, too? In this article from BBC future, author Sophie Hardach explains how it is actually possible to lose your native language, and the many reasons why it can happen.

How to Raise Multilingual Kids

Author: Olga Mecking

Source: The Week

Summary: In this article, blogger and translator Olga Mecking sifts through the modern-day obsession with raising multilingual children, and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of several different approaches.

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