Language News From Around the Web – Late January 2018

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Welcome to the late January 2018 edition of Language News From Around the Web! This is our second edition of this series for this calendar month.

Language News is LinguaCore’s regular round-up of all the best articles, podcasts, and videos on the subject of learning and acquiring foreign languages, from any and all online sources outside of LinguaCore itself.

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Language News From Around the Web


My Language Miracle Morning: The Morning Routine for Learning Languages

Author: Luca Sadurny

Source: MosaLingua

Summary: Language learning is often considered a routine unto itself; that is, at some point, during your day, or week, you sit down and learn languages to the exception of everything else. In this video, Luca Sadurny of MosaLingua suggests trying a different strategy—combining your language routine with your morning routine! Here, Luca discusses how he takes the routine suggested in the popular self-help best seller The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, and modifies it to suit his language learning needs.

Why We Struggle Learning Languages

Author: Gabriel Wyner

Source: TEDxNewBedford

Summary: Like many others before and since, Gabriel Wyner has endured the typical classroom language learning experience; he has sat in a language class for several years, only to realize that he came out knowing little more than the alphabet of his target language. It was only after Wyner spent several years learning languages as part of his everyday lifestyle that he learned the secret of making vocabulary and grammar stick in memory: forming active connections between the words we learn, and the sensory experiences we have. According to Wyner, to learn a language well, grammar and vocabulary can’t remain as abstract ideas, but need to become “something that can help you tell your story.” Learn how to make that happen for you, in this talk from 2017’s TEDxNewBedford.


5 Hands-Free Ways to Study Languages While You Work Out

Author: Brian Powers

Source: Languages Around the Globe

Summary: It’s hard to find time to learn languages, especially when you think of it as a single activity, done separately from other things. A good way to make time for languages, however, is to use your ears to help you learn languages when the rest of you is busy doing something else, like cooking, cleaning, or even exercising. In this article, blogger Brian Powers discusses five different resources that make excellent “hands-free” language learning resources.

Whom Should You Trust for Advice about Learning Languages?

Author: Olle Linge

Source: Hacking Chinese

Summary: There are a million voices in the language learning space that are constantly vying for your attention. The Internet is full of blog posts, product reviews, personal opinions, anecdotes and more, many of which contradict each other, or at least recommend one or more language learning strategies or methods over others. With all of these competing ideas, you need to actively decide whom to listen to, or else you risk drowning in the noise. In this article, Mandarin Chinese expert Olle Linge brings up the question of whose advice is worth trusting for learning Mandarin, citing various options from scientific research, experienced language learners, and native speakers. Even if you’re not learning Mandarin, however, the question of whom to trust is still a valuable one, and something you should consider whenever you encounter a new language learning blog, product, or method.

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