Language News From Around the Web – October 2017

Hey LinguaCore Readers!

Welcome to our new and improved Language News From Around the Web!

The online language learning community is a broad, vibrant group of people, many of whom work tirelessly to create content that will help you become a better language learner!

Published monthly, this series of blog posts will represent both the collection and distillation of the best of that content, from all across the internet! When possible, these posts will also include news articles on the state of languages and language learning worldwide.

We will also strive to deliver content in a wide variety of formats, from written articles, to audio podcasts, online videos, and more, all so you can learn from it in the way that works best for you!

Without further ado, let’s get to the links!

Language News From Around the Web

Text Articles

The State of Foreign Language Use in the United States

Alpha to Omega: Learning the Greek Alphabet

Project-Based Learning

Online Videos

How “Learning” a Foreign Language Could Be Limiting You

How to Speak Multiple Languages Without Mixing Them Up

The Language of Color