10 Essential Elements of Language Learning

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There is no one best method to learn a language. Because every one of us is different, one-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist. All successful language learners share some traits and abide by certain principles. At LinguaCore we call these principles the 10 essential elements for effective language learning. If you wish to reach fluency in your target language, you must incorporate these elements into your language learning.


  1. carolvang

    Thank you for the course. I am going through all of your material systematically starting with this one. This course is really helping me! You were right; listening to a language coach make a huge difference. I feel support for the journey! Carol

  2. sallysouthcott

    Useful information , have been noticing a difference with doing a little language learning on most days. Will take note of other points and try them out.

  3. Susanne Kramer

    Hi Luca and Linguacore Team,

    I’ll risk the download – as far as I’m informed, it is going to be free of charge for masterclass people signing in today… Thank you!