10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits

Learn the 10 Habits related to our free course 10 Essential Elements. Build all 10 Habits, step-by-step over 10 weeks.

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  1. mina.savic

    I feel like reading a book Luca 🙂 It’s obvious that this is quite a resourceful material and thank you for being so thorough 🙂 For that, I would love to have an option on highlighting some parts of the texts so that I can revisit easily the most important ones that “spoke to me” the most 🙂

    This need comes from my habit of reading numerous books on Kindle at the same time and being able to go back easily to the most precise parts that I need to remember or rewrite somewhere else later on with the time on my hands 🙂 This is just something to keep in mind if possible to add on the web page 🙂

    1. Luca Lampariello Post author

      Glad you like it Mina 😉

      That’s why we provided a script for each module and corresponding article. In this way, you can print it and use it in any way I want. I do this with pretty much everything since I believe that paper is still a powerful resource to learn and stay focused. If you have questions or doubts, I am here =)


      1. mina.savic

        Yeah, good point with the pdf 🙂 Maybe the highlighting option would, indeed, be more useful if you create an app any time soon 😉
        Paper is a must, there no doubt in that, I agree! I love starting with paper and then combining it with the digital. But I must say you give us quiet reading to do so that’s why the shortcuts are also welcome (this would make us move faster through all the codes you are revealing- that we are so anxious to know 😉 ).