Bidirectional Translation: Build Your Core Skills in Any Language

Learn Luca Lampariello's signature method for learning any foreign language. Develop your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, right from the start. Perfect for beginner and intermediate learners.

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    Hi Luca,

    Can I use this method without access to a computer device?

    I try to avoid using computers after my working hours as a software engineer and I limit myself only to smartphone as a audio player and Kindle as a reading device. When I have to use a computer after my work, I go to a public library, so I can occasionally use the internet and computer, but this is a very limited access.

    1. Luca Lampariello Post author

      Hi there!

      Why not! You can grab any language learning material such as ASSIMIL, put all the Mp3 (or audio) into an Mp3 reader, and use paper & pen/pencil.

      It might be a bit slower and old-fashioned, but it is also distraction-free and this is a huge plus for your cognitive acquisition and processing.

      If you have any other question or doubt, I am here =)


  2. ali.mouzoune

    Salut Lucas,

    Si dessous mes questions concernant ce module :

    1. Est-il adapté pour les débutants ?
    2. Vais-je savoir parler la langue cible en suivant cette méthode ?


    1. Luca Lampariello Post author

      Salut Ali!

      1. Oui, ce cours a été conçu pour les débutants et cette methode peut être appliqué à n’importe quelle langue

      2. Pas nécessairement. La methode sert à apprendre et absorber de façon naturelle et efficace les structures de base d’une language. Mais pour apprendre à parler, il faut parler.

      A cette égard, appliquer la traduction bidirectional à des dialogues sert à faciliter le processus d’apprentissage d’une langue, et au moment où lon commence à parler, les phrases et les mots te viendront à l’esprit plus facilment.

      Donc, je tu suis la methode et EN PLUS tu commences à parler avec des natifs, les deux choses s’aideront mutuellement.

      Si tu as d’autres questions ou doutes, je suis là! =)


    1. Luca Lampariello Post author

      Hi Vittorio,

      yes, the course is useful to learn ANY language, but it is particularly effective for languages with a script such as Mandarin Chinese because by translating back and forth and typing, you also learn to cope with Chinese characters in a natural, fun and practical way =)
      If you have any other question or doubt I am here!

  3. brendoncrave

    Just looking at the schedule and trying to understand it. How important is it that I go exactly at the pace on the calendar? I did module one last night, module two this morning, and am already pretty anxious to do the next module, but the schedule says to do only one a day and that I will even skip days. What do you advise?

    1. Luca Lampariello Post author

      Dear Brendon,

      You can potentially watch the whole course in one day, but in order to understand how it really works, you should follow the schedule and absorb the information day by day. This is my humble advice and that’s the reason why I have built it this way

      If you have any other question I am here!