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An Easy Way to Maintain Languages

Without daily maintenance, language skills will fade over time. Learn how to keep your language abilities healthy and strong with this course. Perfect for learners of any number of languages, at any level, and on any schedule.

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The more languages you learn, the more challenging it becomes to maintain them while learning others.

It is a big issue for language learners, and one that deserves a sound strategy.

This is a special course which deals with this problem in a special way.

This course is unique: there are currently no courses out there which tackle this specific problem.

This course comes in the form of an interview between the 2 founders of LinguaCore: Luca and George.

In this informal chat, Luca and George provide and unfold the theoretical framework of maintaining 1 or more languages by going through some key aspects such as defining the difference between expanding and maintaining, language phases, learning modes, building routines, and so much more! 

Everything is explained through concrete examples and is followed by Action Steps (which come in the form of downloadable PDF’s and audio) where the learner understands the theory by applying a few simple, concrete and easy to do steps to put the theory into practice and fully understand it.

Last but not least, the course comes with some amazing extra tools you can use to make your strategy even more efficient, like the LinguaCore Maintenance Planner, Luca’s routine with multiple languages and various different routines for many real case scenarios