An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1

Learn methods and techniques that will help you learn words in your target language—and never forget them! This course will introduce you to new and exciting ways to determine what words you want and need to know, and then show you how to memorize them all in context. Best of all, there are no boring vocabulary lists or flashcards! Perfect for learners of any language, at any level.

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Presented by expert polyglot Luca Lampariello, this course is all about learning and memorizing foreign language words in a way that is fun, interesting, and natural for your brain!

Your average classroom language course will give you endless lists of boring vocabulary terms, and force you to learn them all through either traditional flashcards or mind-numbing rote memorization.

Not this course. In An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1, you’re in control.

Learn the words that you want to learn, through any of a variety of vocabulary acquisition methods developed by Luca Lampariello himself. Once you learn the methods and techniques taught in this course, you’ll have a broad set of vocabulary learning tools that you can put to use whenever and wherever you see fit.

Best of all, every technique you will learn in this course emphasizes the power of context as a way to make strong, lasting connections in the brain. The more you can associate new vocabulary items with the words, sentences, and ideas you already know, the more reliable your memory of those words will be when it comes time to speak, write, read, and listen!

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