Language core

To possess a language core is to have achieved a level where you have developed the capacity of understanding how a language works, by learning its essential vocabulary and how the elements can be combined together to convey any thought or idea. But a language core is not only that. On a psychological level. you have started developing a “feel” for the language and a side of your identity in it. You have started living your life or a part of your life in it.  So you have developed a core when you have only only figured out the patterns of a language, but also once you have started living it, by interacting with native speakers and getting exposed to authentic content.

For example, a person who knows thousands of words and has read dozens of books may be skilled in the language, but without speaking with native speakers, they will never develop a proper “core”. By contrast, someone who has a lesser vocabulary, but hours and hours of direct experience living and interacting with native speakers will have such a core.   

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