Improve Your Spoken English

A step-by-step course that shows struggling Intermediate English learners how to speak more easily and clearly.

Full Course: 20 Modules, 14 Action Steps, 3 hrs video

Top 5 Reasons You Should Take This Course:

MORE CONFIDENCE - get past your fear of speaking

Speaking English does not have to be scary.  One of the hardest things for any language learner is getting the confidence to speak their new language.  Whether it be in a bar with friends or face-to-face with a co-worker, we show you how to get over your fear of speaking.  


With LinguaCore you learn not only the 'theory' but we show you how to put the learning into practice.  It's not just videos, with Action Steps, you must do exercises to practice what you learned.  You will see real progress in your learning through actually using all the concepts.


This course is HUGE!  With 20 Modules and 14 Action Steps, we walk you through a ton of material in over 3 hours of HD video.  We filmed this course in a professional studio and added a bunch of high quality slides and graphics to help explain the concepts.  Not only that, we provide a lot of extra resources and materials you can download and print out if you wish.


No teacher? No tutor? Our courses are made for independent learners.  This course guides you step-by-step so you can learn alone or get help from us directly by just asking a question directly to the instructor.


Every course we make is written and presented by a language learning expert.  Luca Lampariello gives this course and shows you how to apply methods he has learned through his learning of his thirteen languages and multiple coaching students. 

What You Will Learn

With 13 Modules and 6 Action Steps, you'll discover:

Just for English

The entire course is focused just on English.  In fact, the course itself, videos and materials, are built to also help learners.  The videos are spoken slowly and clearly in English with English subtitles!

Only Speaking

There is more to learning a language, but speaking is the area where most learners, like you,  say they have the biggest difficulty.  All the tasks, lessons and tips are focused on speaking. 

Beat Your Fear of Speaking

Talking to native speakers can be scary.  But it doesn't have to be!  You don't need to feel stupid or afraid to make mistakes.  We help you conquer your fear of Speaking English.

Common Mistakes

Lots of English learners make the same mistakes.  Going from your own language to a new one always presents new difficulties.  We address the most common English mistakes for English learners and show you how to fix them.


This is it, one of the biggest areas of speaking difficulty.  We cover why is it important and how to work towards improving it.  This is not a course about pronunciation, that is a huge topic with its own course, but we do cover it a bit here because it is obviously an important part of speaking and being understood.

Flowing Speech 

A really hard part of conversation and speaking is being able to answer in a way that flows.  Often new learners 'get stuck' or pause for a while to remember the words.  Conversation flow is important to interacting with other speakers.

Improve Listening 

Speaking is also listening.  An overlooked part of trying to improve speaking skills is also working to improve listening ability.  Being able to understand converstations, questions, dialects, and various speakers is really important.

Create a Schedule

Improvement in language learning comes through practice and the foundation of regular practice is a good schedule to follow your learning plan.  We show you how to create it and implement it in your daily life.

Putting Ideas Together

Speech is ideas put together in sentences and phrases.  Linking these ideas together, constructing sentences, can be a challenge.  To really bring your speaking to the next level, we also focus on more advanced topics like connectors and fillers.


There is no way around it, a big part of any language is grammar.  This is not a grammar course, but we give you tips on some of the more common grammar issues that learners have in English, such as  prepositions.

Course Overview



Adv. Beginner to Advanced


20 Modules


14 Action Steps


Full Course, Video with Presenter and slides 


3 hrs. 9 min. (Video Content)


About 20 hours, 3 weeks


No prerequisite


English and English subtitles and script


Web, Tablet, Mobile

Module 1: Course Intro Video (click PLAY)

The course is a new format, presented by Luca  in English with English subtitles.  With both video and slides to show concepts, there is a lot of information. Not only that, 14 of the Modules have Action Steps attached which help you put what you have learned into practice. 

Does Speaking Great English Feel Far Away?

Not sure where to start?
Speaking English seems scary?
Pronunciation is hard.

Who is this course for?

 Can you answer "Yes" to any of the below, then this course is for you!
  • You want to take your English to the next level.
  • You are feeling 'stuck' and not improving.
  • You are afraid of making mistakes.
  • You have already tried other courses or learned on your own.
  • Your pronunciation could be better
  • In a conversation, you sometimes don't know what to say next. 
  • You are an intermediate learner or above.
  • You would like to establish a plan for your learning.
  • You are willing to put in some time and effort.
  • You are scared of speaking to others in English.

The Path to Improve
Your English 


  • Speaking more confidently when you meet a group of friends
  • Not being so worried about making mistakes 
  • Words flowing more easily and quickly
  • Sounding more like an born English speaker

    Of course we can't promise you will speak like a perfect, native English speaker, but this course gives you the tools to make real progress toward your personal English speaking goals.   

What's in the Course?

20 Modules: 3hr 09min HD Video (+ EN Subtitles and Transcripts)

Module 1: General Intro
Module 2: The Concept of Fluency
Module 3: How to Build Your Confidence When Speaking English
Module 4: How to Improve Your Listening Comprehension 
Module 5: From Ideas to Words: How to Construct Sentences in English
Module 6: Linking Sentences Together: Connectors
Module 7:  How to Improve your Conversation Flow: Fillers
Module 8:  Getting feedback
Module 9: Discussing Topics                                                            

Module 11: Other Key Elements of Communication
Module 12: 10 Most Common Mistakes in English - part 1
Module 13: 10 Most Common Mistakes in English - Part 2
Module 14: Understanding Culture Through English
Module 15: How to Cope with Different English Accents
Module 16: Understand English Spoken by Non-natives
Module 17: Talk to Yourself
Module 18: Why Good Pronunciation is Important
Module 19: Some Tips About Prepositions
Module 20: Final Wrap-up And Organisation of Activities

14 Action Steps: (+ PDFs & audio)

Action Step 1: Use Frequency Lists and Talk about What You Want
Action Step 2: Get out of Your Comfort zone                                             Action Step 3: Evaluate your Listening Comprehension                              
Action Step 4: Simplify and Expand simple Sentences
Action Step 5: Using Fillers Correctly
Action Step 6: Get Feedback from a Native Speaker
Action Step 7: Build a Speech
Action Step 8: Tell a Story
Action Step 9: Improve Your Communication Skills
Action Step 10: Choose an Accent and Be Consistent
Action Step 11: Talk to Yourself in Practice
Action Step 12: Understand English Intonation Patterns
Action Step 13: Do a Smart Search
Action Step 14: Create a Weekly Schedule for Improving Your English

                    Bonus Materials!

 3 Authentic English Dialogues (mp3, script)- Audio of conversations between English speakers — for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
3 Descriptive Texts (mp3, script) - Audio of texts read by a native English speaker — for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
List of Connectors (PDF) - words to connect speech
5 Examples of Simplification & Expansion + Solutions - Learn to simplify and expand sentences using these examples
List of Good Fillers (PDF) - eliminate gaps and pauses when you are talking
Example of building a Speech - how to develop an idea into a full text 
Expressions and Connectors for Stories -
words to help developing stories
How to Tell a Story Structure (PDF) - framework for building effective stories 
PDF of False Friends for Italian Speakers*
Intonation Tools - how to identify the basic intonation patterns of spoken English with examples 
Link & Resource Section - list of different resources on-line & Books 
List of TV Series - British and Australian accents  
Bibliography – Review the works cited in the course
LinguaCore Glossary – Linked to all terms in course, review all specialized terms and vocabulary used in the course.

How the Course is Structured

( 1 )

LEARN - Video Lesson

Each Module contains a short HD video (>15min), clearly explaining a single concept or skill.

( 2 )

DO - Action Step

You put your knowledge of the Module content into practice through an associated Action Step.

( 3 )

APPLY - Your Language

You apply what you have learned directly to your own learning and any language.

All LinguaCore Courses Include:

Unique Elements


High Quality HD Streaming Video

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop friendly

Filmed in full HD in a studio

  • English Subtitles and Transcripts

Built to practice your listening skills as you learn!  All content comes with downloadable scripts (PDFs)

  • Full Action Step Transcripts with Downloadable PDFs
  • Action Steps with PDFs and Downloadable MP3 Audio
  • Private Course Group Access - Exclusive Interaction with Other Students
  • Direct Expert Instructor Access - Course Q & A
  • Bonus Materials (including exclusive interviews, resources, guides, etc.)
  • Access to Live Webinars
  • Lifetime Course Access and Free Updates
  • Access to our Membership Website and Interactive Community of Learners
  • Bonus Language Learning Tools (Study Guides, Worksheets, Planners, etc.)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Don't Miss Out on the Language Learning Revolution:
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Learn with the Experts 

​Luca Lampariello has been learning languages for more than 20 years. In that time, he has learned 13 languages, including 5 at a near-native level.

Over the last 5 years, Luca has worked as a language coach, working tirelessly to develop and hone his methods for the benefit of all learners.

"As a non native English learner and instructor, I have learned English to native-like level through a lot of experience and practice. I have realised that everyone can do this too, if they learn HOW to do it.  In this new course, I show you exactly how to achieve it."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long does the course take?

When does the course begin?

How long do I have access to the course?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

How can I get a refund?

Is there another course like this out there?

What languages is the course available in?

What payment menthods do you offer?

But I Already Took Another LinguaCore Course!

All of our courses work together.  That means that if you took another course like the MasterClass or the Bidirectional Translation course, you will not cover the same material here.  

Each of the LinguaCore courses focus on a specific topic.  In Improve Your Spoken English, we target just the skills around bettering your speaking and just English.  It's not just pronunciation, but how to use the language, some grammar tips, how to think more like 'English' when you are talking.


All of our courses come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  We are confident you will love the course and get immense value from the knowledge it contains. If, however, you are unhappy with the course for any reason, do not hesitate to contact us. 

But Wait, There's More!

When you purchase the course, not only will you get course and website access, but you will also get some very special benefits:

Access to a Private Course Group

Free access to a private, course-only group.  Interact with other students, and ask Luca questions directly!


Live Q&A = Monthly Live Webinar

Once a month, we will hold a private Q&A session with Luca online.  Get all of your course-related questions answered in real time!


Free Weekly Planner

Plan your daily, weekly, and monthly language learning schedule! Fully customizable to your goals and lifestyle!


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