How to Learn 2 Languages at Once

Full Course: 13 Modules, 6 Action Steps and Slides

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LinguaCore is creating courses which are not available anywhere else.  Many people struggle with how to approach learning two languages and this course walks you through how to do it.


This course is not a simple series of video lectures. With the How to Learn 2 Languages at Once course, you are given six Action Steps that show you exactly how to apply the principles that will help you learn more than one language.


Whether you're learning Spanish, Swahili, or Croatian, this course is for you! This method works for any and every language. Not only that, we show you how to choose your next language and which languages work well together.


No teacher? No tutor? No problem! This method is built from the ground up with independent learners in mind. With this course, you will be able to implement all of the techniques alone or with the help of our direct Q&A feedback.


As with all our courses, this course is developed and taught by experts. This particular method was developed by language expert Luca Lampariello, and has helped him manage simultaneous study and maintenance of many of his thirteen languages.

What You Will Learn

With 13 Modules and 6 Action Steps, you'll discover:

Where to Start

We'll show you how to get started through choosing multiple languages, building a schedule, and putting everything into practice.

Skills for Any Language

Why not learn how to learn  once, and then apply it to any and every language you wish to learn? All of our courses show you how to learn so that you can fuel your language learning now, and for the rest of your life.

Starting 2 Languages  at Once

What if you want to start learning two languages from scratch, at the very same time? We give you the approach and the tools to get you going.

Defining Goals

Why are you learning?  Knowing the reasons behind your language study is one of the most important aspects of language learning. In the course, we show you how to build compelling reasons that will lead to long-term success in both of your chosen languages.

How Long?

We outline exactly how long it will take you to learn two or more languages to fluency, depending on your chosen approach.

Choosing a Language 

The most effective way to learn two languages at once is by choosing languages that are most likely to transfer positively onto one another, and less likely to transfer negatively. We cover the logistics of transfer in the course. 

Learning or Improving

If you're already in the middle of learning a language, and simply want to begin learning an additional language, we've got an approach for you.

Time Management

You're a busy person. With work, family, and other commitments, there never seems to be enough time. How can you manage learning two languages in addition to doing everything else in your life? We'll show you how.

Course Overview



Adv. Beginner to Advanced


13 Modules


6 Action Steps


Full Course, Slide Presentation Video with Voiceover


1 hour 43 minutes (Video Content)


About 8 hours, 1 week


No prerequisite


English w/EN script


Web, Tablet, Mobile

Module 1: Course Intro Video (click PLAY)

The course is delivered as a slide presentation format, with recorded audio. Each module is less than 15 minutes long, and introduces a new concept. At the conclusion of 6 of the modules, you will be asked to implement your learning through an associated Action Step.

Who is this course for?
 If you can answer "Yes" to any of the below, then this course is for you!
  • You have thought about learning another language.
  • You don't know how to approach learning multiple languages.
  • You have learned a language before.
  • You are an intermediate learner or above.
  • You would like to establish a plan for your learning.
  • You don't know what language (or languages) to start next.
  • You are already learning a new language, but also want to start another one.
  • You are having difficulty finding time in your schedule and want to know how long it will take to reach fluency.

Why Learn Two Languages at Once?

There are a variety of reasons for which a person may need to learn two or more languages at the same time.

Perhaps you've already begun learning a language like French, but you're preparing for a business trip to Italy in the summer. If you want to learn Italian without losing any of your French skills, then you need a solid method for learning two languages at once. This is that method.

Perhaps you're moving to a place like Belgium, which has two official languages (French and Flemish). If you want to be able to live, work, and operate effectively in all circumstances, you'll need a method to gain fluency in both languages quickly. This is that method.

Perhaps you've been bitten by the "language bug" and can't decide which of several languages to learn, like German, Spanish, or Japanese.  You need a method to pick which of those languages "go together" best and then get started in both at the same time. This is that method.

What's in the Course?

13 Video Slide Lessons:          
(1hr 43min + Transcripts)

Module 1: General Intro
Module 2: Reasons for Learning
Module 3: My Language Path
Module 4: Language Systems: Distance and Closeness       Module 5: Making the Time
Module 6:  Choosing Languages
Module 7:  How Many Languages at the Same Time?
Module 8:  Learning 2 New Languages from the Beginning
Module 9: Learning 2 New Languages from the Beginning: Real Case Scenarios                                                                                     Module 10: Learning a New Language While Improving Another
Module 11: Learning a New Language While Improving Another: Real Case Scenarios
Module 12: Learning a Foreign Language Through Another Foreign Language    
Module 13: Wrap-up: How to Learn 2 Languages at Once                                                                                                  

6 Action Steps: (+ PDFs & audio)

Action Step 1: Clarify Your Reasons
Action Step 2: Define Your Language Path                                                 Action Step 3: Establish the Time to Learn More Languages             Action Step 4: Organizing Your Life                                                               Action Step 5: Adding Language Learning to Your Routine                Action Step 6: Refine Your Schedule 

Bonus Materials!

LinguaCore Language Matcher – Determine the distance and closeness between languages                                                 LinguaCore Weekly Planner – Organize your weekly learning time using half-hour time blocks.                                                       The Enjoyment vs. Challenge Table – Determine your high-yield learning activities by examining how enjoyable and/or challenging they are.                                                                     LinguaCore Glossary – Downloadable PDF – Review all specialized terms and vocabulary used in the course.         Bibliography – Review the works cited in the course.

How the Course is Structured

( 1 )

LEARN - Video Lesson

Each Module contains a short HD video (>15min), clearly explaining a single concept or skill.

( 2 )

DO - Action Step

You put your knowledge of the Module content into practice through an associated Action Step.

( 3 )

APPLY - Your Language

You apply what you have learned directly to your own learning and any language.

All LinguaCore Courses Include:

Unique Elements


High Quality HD Streaming Video

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop friendly

Filmed in full HD in a studio

  • English Transcripts

Great for those trying to improve their English!  All content comes with downloadable scripts (PDFs)

  • Full Transcripts with Downloadable PDFs
  • Action Steps with PDFs and Downloadable MP3 Audio
  • Private Course Group Access - Exclusive Interaction with Other Students
  • Direct Expert Instructor Access - Course Q & A
  • Bonus Materials (including exclusive interviews, resources, guides, etc.)
  • Access to Live Webinars
  • Lifetime Course Access and Free Updates
  • Access to our Membership Website and Interactive Community of Learners
  • Bonus Language Learning Tools (Study Guides, Worksheets, Planners, etc.)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This Course Works for Any Language!

This course is built not just on how to learn multiple languages, but on the science of effective learning! This means that what you learn can be applied to any and every language you wish to learn.

Our philiosphy is to build courses for independent learners.  We want to show you how to learn and give you methods you can apply for the rest of your learning life.  You should be able to use these methods for further your own learning as well as if you are already enrolled in another course.     

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Learn with the Experts 

​Luca Lampariello has been learning languages for more than 20 years. In that time, he has learned 13 languages, including 5 at a near-native level.

Over the last 5 years, Luca has worked as a language coach, working tirelessly to develop and hone his methods for the benefit of all learners.

What People Are Saying...

Student Course Review:

"This course is analyzed through different points of view: stages while learning a language (starting, improving and refining), efficiency and difficulty of the tasks, deliberative and naturally activities, etc. I don't want to forget the LinguaCore Language Matcher, a chart completely unique and remarkable as well as the Weekly Planners in different scenarios. All these concepts are well-thought-out to cope with two different languages at once.


MasterClass and Bidirectional Translation Student (Spain)


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That is exactly why this course is perfect for you!  We have built our courses to complement each other.  

Our courses target specific language learning topics.  Just because you took another one of our courses, does not mean you should not try this one.  You will find as you go further in your learning experience with us that each successive course will complement what you learned in our other courses.

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When you purchase the course, not only will you get course and website access, but you will also get some very special benefits:

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Free access to a private, course-only group.  Interact with other students, and ask Luca questions directly!


Live Q&A = Monthly Live Webinar

Once a month, we will hold a private Q&A session with Luca online.  Get all of your course-related questions answered in real time!


Free Language Planner

Plan your daily, weekly, and monthly language learning schedule! Fully customizable to your goals and lifestyle!


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