Learning Languages 

with a New Alphabet

by Luca Toma

Full Course: 13 Modules, 11 Action Steps and Bonus Material 

Master ANY Alphabet!

Learning any new language can be challenging enough. But learning a language with an alphabet that is different than yours can be an additional barrier to starting a foreign language.

Don't let strange looking letters keep you from learning your dream language.

Luca Toma takes the fear out of starting a new writing system and language by breaking down the barrier for newer learners. This long-time Japanese language coach and calligraphy master will show you what it takes to comfortably read and write any new foreign script.

What You Will Learn

With 13 Modules and 11 Action Steps, you'll discover:

Gain Confidence to Start Learning

Don't let a language with another alphabet or script scare you off.  We show you an easy approach to learn any script, no matter the language.  

Skills for Any Language

This course teaches you the foundational elements that will help you master any writing system of any language​, no matter if it uses an alphabet, a syllabary, an abugida, and abjad, characters, or anything else. 

Materials & Plan

​Not sure which resources to learn from? We'll help you pinpoint the best materials for your target language, and show you how to set goals and start achieving them right away.  

Type & Handwrite

​Luca shows you how to both type on a computer and write by hand, giving you the tools necessary to write your new language in any context or situation.

Recognizing the Letters

Forget using romanization—the script for learners that uses Latin letters instead of the proper symbols. This course will walk you through the steps of reading and writing in the actual native script, just like native speakers do!

  • Text Native Speakers 

This course requires you to actively take part in practicing the script of your foreign language. How? By asking you to regularly practice by text-chatting with native speakers all around the world! We'll show you how.

Learn Through Writing

All parts of language are inter​​​​connected. ​More than just a writing course, this course teaches you how to reinforce reading, speaking, and listening, all through the medium of good writing skills.

Symbols to Sounds

To be able to read and write properly, you must connect the symbols on the page to the sounds of the language. We'll show you how to bridge the gap between audio and text, and use good reading skills to reinforce accurate pronunciation. 

Course Overview

Course Details:


Beginner to Intermediate


13 Modules


11 Action Steps


Full Course, Video with Moderator and Slides 


1 hour 43 minutes (Video Content)

1 hour (Bonus Video Content)


About one month


No prerequisite


English + English Subtitles


Web, Tablet, Mobile

Module 1: Course Intro 

The course is presented by our new instructor, Luca Toma. ​Luca himself introduces all of the course material, and supports his narration with detailed slides and other visual aids. Each module is less than 15 minutes long, and introduces a new concept. After most modules, you are  asked to do an exercise called an Action Step, where you actively implement what you learned. 

Is this course for me?
 If you can answer "Yes" to any of the below, then this course is for you!
  • You have ​avoided learning a language because it had a foreign alphabet.
  • You aren't sure where or how you should start learning.
  • You have never learned a language with different letters or symbols.
  • ​You're interested in learning languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, or Hebrew.
  • You have never thought about learning a language by starting with the script.
  • You are a beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate learner.
  • You want to learn HOW to learn a language.
  • You have never learned a language before.

Is This ​Course Just About Writing?

No. While this course does explore learning a language primarily through writing, it shows you how good writing skills can benefit all of the other major language skills, including reading, listening, and even speaking

Letter are sounds and those are  written as symbols, which are then interpreted and mentally converted back into sound by the reader. All four skills work together in unison, reinforcing one another. This course shows you how to use writing to make that happen, from the beginning stages of learning a new language. 

 Meet ​Your Instructor — Luca Toma

Luca Toma is the newest LinguaCore instructor.  As an avid language learner, polyglot and coach, he brings years of experience to this course.

Luca's expertise lies in Japanese. Specifically, he has spent many years coaching, translating, and sharing the Japanese language and culture with others.  He is a world-class Japanese instructor who also has an avid passion for learning new scripts, making him the perfect instructor for this course.

  • ​Japanese language teacher for more than 15 years
  • Master's in Japanese Art History — Tokyo, Japan
  • Lived in Japan for 10 Years
  • Master in Japanese calligraphy
  • Neurolanguage Coaching® Certified

What's in the Course?

13 Video Lessons (1hr 44min ):      

Module 01: Introduction
Module 02: Develop the Right Mindset
Module 03: A General Overview of Non-Latin Scripts
Module 04: The Importance of Learning a Script
Module 05: Choosing the Right Language Materials
Module 06: How to Get Started
Module 07: Get the Tools
Module 08: The Importance of Reading While Listening (and Vice Versa)
Module 09: Typing
Module 10: Writing by Hand (Optional)
Module 11: Start Texting
Module 12: How to Write Short Texts (Typing and/or Writing)
Module 13: Final Wrap-Up

11 Action Steps: (with PDFs & Audio):

Action Step 01: Develop the Right Mindset
Action Step 02: Recognize Scripts
Action Step 03: Define Your Vision
Action Step 04: Choose the Right Language Materials
Action Step 05: Get Started
Action Step 06: Use the Tools
Action Step 07: Read and Listen
Action Step 08: Review and Retype a Dialogue
Action Step 09: Write by Hand
Action Step 10: Text with a Language Partner
Action Step 11: Write a Short Text (by Typing and/or Writing)

Bonus Materials!

Module 03 - Most Common Alphabetic Writing Systems PDF
Action Step 03: Define Your Vision Worksheet

Bonus Videos:
Interview with Luca Toma (35min)
Japanese Calligraphy Demonstration with Luca Toma (17min)
Extra Q&A and Tips with Luca Toma (3:42)
Introduction from Luca Lampariello (2:20)

LinguaCore Glossary – Downloadable PDF – Review all specialized terms and vocabulary used in the course.         Bibliography – Review the works cited in the course.

How the Course is Structured

( 1 )

LEARN - Video Lesson

Each Module contains a short HD video (>15min), clearly explaining a single concept or skill.

( 2 )

DO - Action Step

You put your knowledge of the Module content into practice through an associated Action Step.

( 3 )

APPLY - Your Language

You apply what you have learned directly to your own learning and any language.

I want to learn​ the script of Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or another language.

Learning Languages with a New Alphabet is a base course.  It is the foundation that you can use for ANY language.  Luca Toma shows you the fundamentals to learning new writing systems.​

Coming Soon: specific language packs in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic​, Russian and more!

​Soon, you will be able to buy individual add-ons, focusing on the language you are interested in.  

For example:

Want to learn Japanese? Take this course (Learning Languages with a New Alphabet) ​along with the​​​​​ Japanese Language Pack, for the most comprehensive ​education in the Japanese scripts. 

What if I've Already Taken a LinguaCore Course?

Learning Languages with a New Alphabet is complementary to all our other courses.  That means, no matter what course you have already taken with us, you will learn something new!  

If you have taken

Bidirectional Translation - ​The ​New Alphabets ​course​​​​​​ ​can be taken before, after or at the same time as the Bidirectional Translation course. New Alphabets focuses primarily on writing, while ​Bidirectional Translation​ emphasizes all four skills, plus additional learning methods ​​​ (We offer a discount for both together)

Luca's MasterClass - The New Alphabets course ​provides great opportunities ​to practice all of the tools and methods covered in Luca Lampariello's ​How to Learn Any Language Masterclass.​​​​

Improve Your Spoken English - While the ​New Alphabets​ course​​​ is not suited for someone learning English, it does cover general language learning techniques that you can apply to any language. 

Learn 2 Languages at the Same Time - ​If you have two target languages that use non-Latin scripts, then the ​New Alphabets ​course will help you start learning the script of both languages effectively. ​​​​​​​​​

All LinguaCore Courses Include:

Unique Elements


High Quality HD Streaming Video

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop friendly

Filmed in full HD in a studio

  • English Subtitles

Great for those trying to improve their English!  All content comes with downloadable scripts (PDFs)

  • Full Transcripts with Downloadable PDFs
  • Action Steps with PDFs and Downloadable MP3 Audio
  • Private Course Group Access - Exclusive Interaction with Other Students
  • Direct Expert Instructor Access - Course Q & A
  • Bonus Materials (including exclusive interviews, resources, guides, etc.)
  • Access to Live Webinars
  • Lifetime Course Access and Free Updates
  • Access to our Membership Website and Interactive Community of Learners
  • Bonus Language Learning Tools (Study Guides, Worksheets, Planners, etc.)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This Course Works for Any Language!

This course is built not just on methods to learn foreign scripts, but on the science of effective learning! This means that what you learn can be applied to any and every language you wish to learn.

Our philosophy is to build courses for independent learners.  We want to show you how to learn and give you methods you can apply throughout the rest of your life.  You should be able to use these methods for furthering your own learning, even if you are already enrolled in another course, or have been enrolled in the past.  

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long does the course take?

When does the course begin?

How long do I have access to the course?

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All of our courses come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  We are confident you will love the course and get immense value from the knowledge it contains. If, however, you are unhappy with the course for any reason, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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