10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits


The expansion, mini-course for our FREE 10 Essential Elements of Successful Language Learning course.

Learning any language successfully starts with 10 Core Principles.  In this course, language expert Luca Lampariello expands upon the 10 Essential Elements by adding the 10 Habits in a series of additional lessons. Build these 10 Habits into your own learning to ensure that you reach you language goals, now and for the rest of your life.


  • 10 Essential Elements course
  • 10 Habits (Action Steps), Downloadable PDFs and Audio 
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• Complete 10 Essential Elements of Language Learning course
• 10 Habits (10 how-to steps, Action Steps)
• Downloadable PDFs of 10 Habits (119 pages)
• Audio version (mp3) of 10 Habits, 2 hrs and 19  min, read by Luca
• Private student groups and community features
• Your questions answered personally by Luca Lampariello

10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits is a course that helps you build a foundation for the way you learn language.  It guides you in building habits into your daily learning routine, walking you step-by-step though each of the 10 Essential Habits of Language Learning and as well as each of their associated Elements.

What You Will Gain From This Course

In the 10 Essential Elements of Language Learning you briefly learned about the core ingredients for long-term success for all language learners.  In the 10 Habits course you learn the HOW, how to build the Habits for yourself and how to incorporate the Habits into your learning.

This course is about doing.  You will be implementing each Habit, one per week, progressively over 10 weeks (what we recommend).  Don’t worry, we walk you though it. We want you to add each new Habit slowly so that it has time to take hold in your subconscious and become a natural part of your daily, week and monthly learning routines.

Many learners jump right into a new language or class without any real understanding of how to learn languages.

Maybe you have found yourself in the situation that after many months of effort, all the hard work just does not seem to pay off?  You might feel like either your progress has stopped and the amount you are learning has slowed down or you started lacking motivation or you just can’t remember why you started learning in the first place?  The 10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits course starts you off on the right foot.

10 Habits gives you a framework to use for all your language learning, now and in the future.  You will learn the right mindset to help you learn more effortlessly, efficiently and systematically.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a learning routine into your life
  • Manage your learning time a bit better
  • Appreciate the value of repetition
  • How adding variation can improve your learning
  • How to approach your studies with the right attitude
  • Approach everything from a proactive mindset
  • Stay motivated
  • Find and build learning resources
  • Set your long term language goals
  • Get the most enjoyment out of your studies

There really is no other course like this.  And like nearly all of our courses, 10 Habits is applicable to any foreign language and works with any other LinguaCore language learning course.

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This is a Compact Course

Compact does not mean less value.  It means shorter than our premium courses, less video and a lower price, but we still pack a lot into this compact course.   Also, this course makes a great first course, if you have not yet taken one with us.

This course is all about the Habits and we added a ton of material focusing just for those, 191 pages of PDFs and nearly 2.5 hours of mp3 audio to take with you on the go to be exact.

Now that’s not exactly small, is it?

So why should you buy this course then?   That’s simple, because it’s a great value!

Sample Habit PDF:

Build Motivation 

How to Take This Course?

Maybe you have already seen the 10 Essential Elements, maybe you are taking another LinguaCore course, maybe you are enrolled in another school. Whatever the case, 10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits works along with whatever else you are currently doing in your language learning.

While the course should be done over 10 weeks, the time commitment is minimal.  Reviewing each new Habit should take less than one hour per week to review and you can immediately incorporate it into whatever you are currently learning.

  • Take this course while you are in a language school
  • Take this course if you are just starting a language
  • Take this course if you are already taking any LinguaCore course

Who Is This Course For?

10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits is for any language learner; beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Whether you are just starting your first ever second language or you already have taken a number of language courses.

  • Have you felt like you language learning has come to a standstill?
  • Do you feel like your progress has stopped and you don’t know why?
  • Does it feel like your learning is inefficient?
  • It’s the New Year and you really want to jump into your language learning?
  • Do you struggle with any of the 10 Essential Elements?
  • Did you take the 10 Essential Elements free course and feel like it was lacking?

About the Instructor:

Luca Lampariello is an Italian language coach and polyglot who also presents the 10 Essential Elements to Language Learning course.  He is a language lover, dedicated learner himself and active coach.  Although he speaks 13 languages, he still finds time to build great language courses for curious learners just like yourself.

How Do Our Courses Work?

LinguaCore courses are based on learning and doing.  We believe it is not enough to simply watch a video to remember what you learn and with that in mind, all our courses have exercises built in to solidify what you have seen and read.

  • You will learn information through various approaches (video, audio, etc.)
  • You will actively participate in the learning process
  • You have a place to ask questions
  • Continue your learning once the course is finsihed (through webinars, Q+A sessions, etc.)

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What’s in 10 Essential Elements Plus: Building the 10 Habits


  • Element 1 – Regularity
    • Habit 1 – Get into a Regular Routine
  • Element 2 – Time Management
    • Habit 2 – Manage your Time Efficiently
  • Element 3 – Motivation
    • Habit 3 – Build and Maintain your Motivation
  • Element 4 – Enjoyment
    • Habit 4 – Identify High Value Learning Activities
  • Element 5 – Variation
    • Habit 5 – Vary your Learning
  • Element 6 – Attitude
    • Habit 6 – Cultivate a Positive Mentality
  • Element 7 – Proactivity
    • Habit 7 – Be Proactive
  • Element 8 – Repetition
    • Habit 8 – Repeat and Review the Smart Way
  • Element 9 – Resources
    • Habit 9 – Create your Own Content and Use the Right Tools
  • Element 10 – Clear Goals
    • Habit 10 – Set Clear, Actionable Learning Goals
  • Conclusions


Important Info:

  • This is an extension of the free 10 Essential Elements of Language Learning course.  Some of the material contained within this course is repeated from the original course as necessary review.
  • This is a Mini-Course, which just means that it is less of a time commitment and there is less video content.  The overall amount of material is less than some of our premium courses, but that does not mean it is any less in value:)

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