How to Start Any Language: The Compact Guide to the Bidirectional Translation Course – Ebook and Audiobook


Want to start learning a new language, but not sure where to start?

In this short guide, written by expert language learner and polyglot Luca Lampariello, you will gain an overview of the Bidirectional Translation method, used by Luca and others to build core skills in any language, and develop those skills en route to fluency.

As a condensed version of our premium Bidirectional Translation video course, this book contains just what you need to get started, allowing you to get a jumpstart on your language learning, wherever you are.

In the brand-new compact guide, you will learn the practical steps needed to successfully implement the Bidirectional Translation method, for literally any of the 7,000 languages on the planet.




How to Start Any Language: The Compact Guide to the Bidirectional Translation Course is the companion guide to our premium online course Bidirectional Translation: Build Your Core Skills in Any Language.

As a companion guide, this text and audio-only resource is meant to introduce readers to the key features of the Bidirectional Translation method, without delving into any of the more complex and deeper theory and practice techniques included in the main, full course.

The companion guide was built with portability in mind, as many of the students of our full course have been requesting a way to take the course material with them on the go. This guide is available in four distinct formats, including PDF, mobi and epub (for e-readers) and .mp3 audio, read in full by Luca Lampariello.


How to Start Any Language: The Compact Guide to the Bidirectional Translation Course is available for free with the purchase of the full Bidirectional Translation: Build Your Core Skills in Any Language course.

If you’re not ready to make the jump to the full course just yet, you will still receive a complimentary €20 coupon which you can use to update to the full course at any time.

What is Bidirectional Translation?

Bidirectional Translation was created as a complete method to help you begin learning any language. Through a step-by-step series of daily actions, you will activate all four skills of language; speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Working from your native language (i.e. mother tongue), you will quickly learn to translate into and out of your new target language. With time, this bidirectional translation method will help you to think in a new language, all without the endless grammar lessons and vocabulary lists of more traditional methods.

About the Author:

Born in Rome, Italy, Luca Lampariello was raised knowing only one language: Italian. In his youth, he was exposed to languages like English and French in school, but he quickly grew dissatisfied with the teacher-centric methods taught there. His love of learning and communicating with others led him to develop the Bidirectional Translation method, which has helped him learn twelve foreign languages. His personal success with the method inspired him to teach it to others, and he has been working for nearly a decade to help others master languages with it, just as he has. LinguaCore’s premium Bidirectional Translation: Build Your Core Skills in Any Language course is the culmination of that work.

For more information, see Luca’s complete bio Here.

Product Details:

  • Formats: PDF, .mobi, .epub
  • Audio: mp3
  • File Size: 1800 KB (ebook)
  • Length: 62 pages (approx.)
  • Publisher: LinguaCore UG (December 24, 2017)
  • Publication Date: December 24, 2017
  • Sold by: LinguaCore UG
  • Language: English

Important Info:

  • If you already purchased the Bidirectional Translation Course, you will find this guide added to your course materials for FREE OF CHARGE.
  • This is a companion guide to the Bidirectional Course.  It is a compact overview and is intended as a brief introduction to Bidirectional Translation. If you want a comprehensive course, this book is not for you. This book is not meant to substitute our Bidirectional Translation Course, which is a full exploration of the method.

What’s in the full Bidirectional Translation course that’s NOT included in this guide?

  • Video lessons
  • Action Steps – Exercises related to the lessons
  • Extra Materials, including:
    • Sample learning plans
    • Direct Q&A with Luca
    • Access to the LinguaCore online course community
    • Ongoing updates
    • Webinars

To learn more about the full Bidirectional Translation course click here


"This mini guide is not only a comprehensive introduction to the Bidirectional Translation Process, but also serves as a catalyst to improve your overall language learning quality. It is for those with a serious interest in language learning, and those who are already in the process of learning one or several languages to step up their skill of acquisition. " 

Kyle Pan- Linguistics undergraduate student


"The methods included in the guide book remind me of the teaching of my favorite middle school English teacher. They might seem a bit counterintuitively time-consuming at first, but in my own experience of learning several languages, the effort definitely pays off, especially helpful in obtaining the native pronunciations and mastering the expressions. Glad to see the methods described in such a systematic and easy-to-follow way. Hope more people can benefit from them."

Charlene Wang Entrepreneur


“Luca's guide is very useful not just for learners who start a new language but more experienced learners. I myself am quite good at English and Russian and greatly benefited from the information contained in this book. His method of bidirectional translation helped me use my passive vocabulary and turn it into active faster”.

Zbyněk Brada Language learner 

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