An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1


Learning vocabulary and remembering new words is a necessary and challenging part of learning any foreign language. In this course, language learning expert Luca Lampariello will teach you his exclusive vocabulary learning techniques, to help you learn any fifty words in your target language in thirty days.


  • 11 Modules, 9 Action Steps, Bonus Material (approx. 2 and a half hours total)
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• HD videos (11 modules + 7 Bonus Videos, approximately two and a half hours total)
• Action Steps (9 how-to steps)
• Downloadable audio and PDF files of the course material
• Full English subtitles
• Private student groups and community features
• Bonus course material
• Your questions answered personally by Luca Lampariello

An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1 is a premium language learning course dedicated to helping you learn and memorize the words of any language in an easy, efficient, and fun way—all without the use of boring flashcards or vocabulary lists!

We surveyed more than 18,000 language learners.  Their Number 2 learning difficulty and issue?  Vocabulary, learning and remembering words!  (The Number 1 difficulty was speaking!)

What You Will Gain From This Course

Words are an essential part of any language. They are the basic units of meaning in spoken and written language, and are the building blocks of any phrase, sentence, or conversation.

The problem, however, is that any foreign language you might learn has so many words! An educated native speaker of a given language will know anywhere from 10,000-30,000 words! So if you want to speak or write a language anywhere near that level, you’re going to have to learn a lot of vocabulary!

But how should you start learning words? Most language learning courses and classes would recommend:

  • Flashcard decks
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Repetition

These methods are popular, but have two main problems:

  • They force you to learn words individually, and out of context.
  • They are incredibly boring, and likely full of words you’ll never use.

An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1 helps you learn words in a way that avoids these problems entirely.

In this course, brought to you by accomplished polyglot Luca Lampariello, you’ll learn a series of methods and techniques for learning foreign language vocabulary that are built upon the science of how the human brain really learns:

This course focuses on:

  • Learning words that are relevant to your life, and the things you’re interested in.
  • Scientific way of memorizing words.
  • Learning all new words in their natural context, so that you’ll always know when and how to use them appropriately.
  • Using reading as a tool to expand your vocabulary more and more, over time.
  • Developing a set of vocabulary acquisition techniques that you can apply to any scenario.
  • Building a regular vocabulary-learning habit.

Most importantly, what you learn in An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1 is applicable to any foreign language, and is also applicable to any other LinguaCore language learning course.

Course Video – Lesson Sample:

Learn 50 New Words in 30 Days, Guaranteed

No matter your target language, your level, or your previous language-learning experience, once you’ve completed An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1, you will know fifty new words in your chosen foreign language.

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No Flashcards!

Are you tired of flashcards and long vocabulary lists full of words you’ll never use! We are too!

This course abandons the old, tired methods used by traditional language education, in favor of new, more scientific learning methods that leverage the way your brain naturally learns! You’ll learn words not in lists, but in interconnected, context-full networks, making all new vocabulary much easier to remember in the long run.

Learn the Words That Matter to You!

Most language courses are full of vocabulary units that teach you words things like animals, sports, clothing, and furniture. But what if you don’t care how to say elephant, tennis, bow tie, or shoe rack? Most courses would say “Too bad!” and require you to learn these words anyway.

Not An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1. We don’t tell you what words you need to learn. Not now, not ever. Instead, we let you decide which words are the most important for you to learn, and give you the tools and techniques to learn them on your own.

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • How to learn foreign language vocabulary
  • Common myths about learning words
  • How human memory words
  • A variety of vocabulary learning methods.

Who Is This Course For?

An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1 is designed with all language learners in mind.

Especially if:

  • You just can’t seem to remember vocabulary
  • You hate studying lists of words
  • You are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner
  • You have difficulty making words stick in your mind
  • You would like some other ways to learn vocabulary

About the Author:

Luca Lampariello is an Italian-born language coach and polyglot. He has devoted most of his life to the learning of languages, and currently speaks thirteen languages total. Luca has developed a wide range of language learning techniques, methods, and strategies, including those he teaches in this course.

How Do Our Courses Work?

LinguaCore courses are video- and audio-based courses that are built on the science of effective learning. With every new technique and strategy taught, we ensure that:

  • You learn the information through multiple angles (video, audio, etc.)
  • You participate actively in the learning process and develop proper learning habits (through dedicated action steps)
  • You have a support system in the case of questions or doubts (on our LinguaCore community platform)
  • You continue your learning after the course is complete (through webinars, Q+A sessions, etc.)


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What’s in An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1

  • Module 1 – Intro
    • List of Links & Resources
  • Module 2 – Technique 1: Walking with Words
    • Action Step 1: Find the Right Material
    • Walking with Words with Google Map Street View Demonstration video
  • Module 3 – 5 Common Myths about Learning Words
    • Action Step 2: Recall your first 10 words
  • Module 4 – Image Training
    • Action Step 3: Apply the Image Training Technique to One Image of your Choice
    • List of Spacial Connectors
  • Module 5 – How the Brain Learns Words
    • Action Step 4: Recall Vocabulary Learned with Image Training
  • Module 6 – Radial Brainstorming
    • Action Step 5: Apply Radial Brainstorming to a Familiar Space
    • Brainstorm Demonstration Video
  • Module 7 – Words and Context
    • Action Step 6 – Remember Words Learned with Radial Brainstorming
  • Module 8.1 – Intensive Reading in 5 Simple Steps
    • Action Step 7 -Intensive Reading with Monolingual texts
    • Intensive Reading of Monolingual Text (Wikipedia) – Demonstration Video
  • Module 8.2: Intensive Reading with Monolingual Texts
    • Action Step 8: Intensive Reading with Bilingual Texts
    • Using TED – Demonstration VIDEO
    • Intensive Reading of Bilingual Text (Project Syndicate) -Demonstration Video
  • Module 9 – Final Wrap-up
    • Action Step 9: Recall Phase with Intensive Reading
    • Intensive Reading with Computer and/or Paper Demonstration Video

Important Info:

  • This is a pre-order offer of the online course An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 1.  Please note that we try to stick to our release dates barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Our 30 Day refund policy begins from the course release date onwards.
  • Course contents are subject to change prior to final release.
  • The second part of this course, tentatively titled An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 2 is not part of this course, and will be a separate, independent product. An Easy Way to Learn Words – Part 2 is not yet available, and the release date is TBD.

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