Learning Languages with a New Alphabet: Japanese Bundle

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Japanese Bundle version of the Learning Languages with a New Alphabet Course.

This course bundle includes the Learning Languages with a New Alphabet full course and its Japanese Expansion add-on. Together, these provide everything you need to begin learning how to read, write, and pronounce the Japanese language. You will also learn a method that will help you acquire the script of any language in a way that is effective, efficient, and fun.


Release Date: January 30, 2018

Included in This Bundle:

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• HD videos (13 modules + Bonus Videos, nearly 3 hrs)
• Action Steps (11 how-to steps)
• Downloadable audio and PDF files of the course material
• Full English subtitles
• Private student groups and community features
• Bonus course material
• Your questions answered personally by Luca Toma

Learning Languages with a New Alphabet: Japanese Bundle is a course package that contains two premium LinguaCore language learning products:

Designed by Japanese-language coach and calligraphy master Luca Toma, this course is built to help you master the three scripts of Japanese—Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji—and to use these native writing systems to help you better understand the Japanese language and culture.

Learn the Japanese Language Through Writing

The Japanese language is unique among world languages in that it uses three different sets of symbols as part of its writing system. These symbol sets, or scripts, are known as:

  • Hiragana – Used for writing out native Japanese words, grammatical function words and particles, and to annotate kanji.
  • Katakana – Used for writing out foreign (non-Japanese) words, technical terms, and for providing emphasis in a text.
  • Kanji – Adopted from Chinese characters. Used for most nouns, verbs, and adjectives, personal names, and word roots.

These three systems are used together to create written texts in Japanese. If you wish to communicate with Japanese people in writing—through text messages, emails, handwritten notes, etc.—knowing how to use these three scripts together is essential.

This course package will teach you how to:

  • Read and write hiragana symbols
  • Read and write katakana symbols
  • Read and write Kanji characters
  • Learn and understand the meanings of Kanji characters
  • Use memory techniques and tools to better remember Kanji symbols.
  • Accurately pronounce kana and Kanji symbols
  • Learn and produce Japanese pitch-accent
  • Type in Japanese
  • Handwrite in Japanese

What You Will Learn in This Course

Beyond just the Japanese language and writing systems, this course aims to teach you how to learn and understand any language through its writing system.

You will learn:

  • Get past your fear of foreign looking alphabets
  • To connect individual symbols to individual sounds.
  • To connect symbol-sound pairs together to create words, phrases, and sentences.
  • To observe how the sounds of the language flow together—pronunciation and intonation.
  • To use reading and listening together to reinforce the bond between text and speech.
  • To communicate with native speakers through text messages.
  • To compose full texts in the Japanese language

Why Learn Through Writing?

Most Japanese language courses de-emphasize the role of writing in language learning. While the kana systems can be learned early on, Kanji learning is often avoided until the learner has gained hours and hours of experience with basic Japanese grammar and vocabulary.

If you want to learn to read and write Japanese as a Japanese person does, you must start learning all three writing systems of Japanese early on, so that you gain proficiency in all three simultaneously.

With this course, you will build all of these Japanese skills progressively, and they will reinforce one another over time. By learning through writing, you will discover how the symbols, sounds, and culture of the language are all interconnected, and so gain a deeper knowledge of Japan, the Japanese people, and the Japanese language.

Who Is This Course For?

Learning Languages with a New Alphabet: Japanese Bundle is for beginner learners of the Japanese language with little or no familiarity with the Japanese writing systems.

About the Author:

Luca Toma is an Italian-born language coach and calligraphy master, specializing exclusively in the teaching of Japanese. For over ten years, he lived and studied in Japan, and since that time has been sharing his knowledge and passion for Japanese and its writing systems with dozens of students from all across the world.

How Does the Bundle Work?

Learning Languages with a New Alphabet: Japanese Bundle works as follows:

  1. You will begin with the first module of the Learning Languages with a New Alphabet course.
  2. Upon the completion of each individual New Alphabet module, you will move on to the Action Step for that module.
  3. After completing each action step, you will complete the equivalent add-on step in the Japanese Language Expansion.
  4. Following this pattern, you will alternate between the New Alphabets course and the Expansion step by step, section by section, until you have completed the content of both.

Product Details:

Learning Languages with a New Alphabet

  • Module 1: Intro
  • Module 2: Develop the Right Mindset
    • Action Step 1 – Develop the Right Mindset
  • Module 3: A General Overview of Non-Latin Scripts
    • Action Step 2 – Recognize Scripts
  • Module 4: The Importance of Learning a Script
    • Action Step 3 – Define your Vision
  • Module 5: Choosing the Right Language Materials
    • Action Step 4 – Choose the Right Language Materials
  • Module 6: How to Get Started
    • Action Step 5 – Get Started
  • Module 7: Get the Tools
    • Action Step 6 – Use the Tools
  • Module 8 – The Importance of Reading While Listening (and Vice Versa)
    • Action Step 7 – Read and Listen
  • Module 9: Typing
    • Action Step 8 – Review and Retype a Dialogue
  • Module 10: Writing by Hand
    • Action Step 9 – Write by Hand
  • Module 11 – Start Texting
    • Action Step 10 – Text with a Language Partner
  • Module 12 – How to Write Short Texts (Typing and/or Writing)
    • Action Step 11 – Write a Short Text (by Typing and/or Writing)
  • Module 13 – Final Wrap-up
  • What to Do After You Complete This Course
  • Extra Material – Video Demonstration of How to Write Kanji
  • Extra Material – A Few More Tips from Luca Toma
  • Extra Material – An Interview with an Amazing Japanese Learner

Japanese Language Expansion

  • Add-on 1: Overview of the Japanese Script
  • Add-on 1- a: Learn to Read Hiragana
  • Add-on 1- b: Learn to Read Katakana
  • Add-on 1- c: How to Learn Kanji
  • Add-on 2: Recommended Material for Japanese
  • Add-on 3: Get Used to the Japanese Sounds
  • Add-on 4: Use your Tools
  • Add-on 5: Read and Listen in Japanese
  • Add-on 6: Type in Japanese
  • Add-on 7: Write by Hand in Japanese

Important Info:

The Japanese Language Expansion only works with the Learning Languages with a New Alphabet course. It is not compatible with any other LinguaCore course or language expansion.

For more information on how to use language expansion packs with this course, please see this guide.